Blessings of Life


(Doug) Ervin, the 8th of 12 children, was born in rural Rock Hill, South Carolina. Father of two daughters, Lisa and Courtney. 


   * Attended Adelphi Business School     

   * BS Degree (Washburn University)    

   * MS Degree (Xavier University)

   * MA Degree (Cincinnati Christian Univ)   

   * Master of Divinity Degree (Asbury 

      Theological Seminary)

   * Doctor of Ministry Degree (United    

      Theological Seminary)  


   * Ordained Elder, CME Church

   * Provisional Elder, UMC 

   *Currently, Chaplain, Ohio Civil Air     

     Patrol, Maineville, Ohio 


   * U.S. Air Force (4-years)

   * U.S. Air Force Reserve, including: Air   

      Force National Guard (11- years)  

   * Special Agent, Air Force Office of    

      Special Investigations (16-years)

Civilian Employment:

    * U. S. Postal Service (including)

       ...Mail Handler; Letter Carrier; and 

          Distribution Clerk (8-years)       

    * Postal Inspector, U.S. Postal 

       Inspection Service (20-Years) 


    * Docent (5-years): National   

       Underground Railroad Freedom    

       Center, Cincinnati 


    * Step by Step: The Story of The      

       Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth    

    * The Faith Journey of Bishop E. 

        Lynn Brown    

    * Meditations and Reflections 

    * Inside the Chisolm Trail 



    * Senior Citizen Bowling 

    * Rusty Wallace "Leisure" Race Car 

    * Horse Back Riding

    * Cycling  

Foreign Travel:

    * Republic of China (1972)

    * Japan (1972)

    * Israel (2008)

    * Haiti (2012)