Step by Step


The birth of this writing evolved from the action taken during the era known as the Civil Rights Movement; addressing and changing laws to resolve cultural/racial conflicts and division within the United States. Many of the flames that established a foundation and need to change and resole this legalized insitution are as follows: 

* Using the Bible to justify/promote segregation 

* Trans Atlantic Slave Trade 

* Internal Slave Trade

* Segregation and Racial Conflicts

* Growing negative responses throughout the Nation and around the World 


Courage and actions of:

* Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth

* Dr. Martin Luther King

* Courage of thousands of citizens

* Freedom fighters



Meditations and Reflections



Reflecting on the early and adolescent years of his life, Rev. L.D. Ervin had many questions and doubts about Jesus the Christ, God and other biblical teachings. After years of study, life experiences, extensive theological study and ministry, he realized that many youth and adults of today wrestle with similar doubts. 

Since biblical and other spiritual teachings can be difficult to understand, the writings and commentaries by Rev. Ervin provide a clear understanding of God and Jesus the Christ. Meditations and Reflections, through its clarity and insightful teaching of Scripture, will result in a greater desire to grow and serve in a relationship with God. 


"No Ways Tired



The tedious and research of the Faith Journey of Bishop E. Lynn will keep you on the edge of your seat as you digest the powerful story that traces the “mean beginnings” of the Bishop’s life. Through it all, he never surrendered to the many difficult times in the community of Spring Creek, Madison County, Tennessee. 

His journey begins in 1936 during the Great Depression; through a time and memories of America's struggling within a system of racial separation—hardships from the vestiges of enslavement and a current system of sharecropping. This journey allows an intimate look at the life of Tennessee farmers, including Bishop Brown’s father who made his successful escape from the bondage and hardships of farm labor. 

Above all, you may find yourself applauding the tenacity and wisdom of Bishop Brown as he successfully overcame his many barriers, and thankful for the forces responsible for his successful, including: 1) his family, 2) the contributions of the communities, and 3) the liberation and the spirit of his predecessors.