Molly Bortz, Cincinnati

As I read [Step by Step], I felt like I was there, with Reverend Shuttlesworth.  It was such a detailed and honest description of his life and experiences that I felt like I actually knew the Reverend.  

And I felt myself wanting to jump in and both support and defend Reverend Shuttlesworth. I am truly amazed and disappointed that this story was not a part of my education growing up and still remains left out of most curricula today. 

As I read, I knew I had to make sure that my students knew Shuttlesworth's story and what an integral part he played in the movement. After reading his story, I saw Shuttlesworth at the center of the movement and though he claims he does not need fame, I want to tell everyone his story because of the immense credit I think he deserves and never received.

Lynda Daniel Jefferson

Rev. Ervin


You delivered the most heart-wrenching depictions of the slavery era so realistically that I just wanted to holler, scream and cry until I could cry no more and I know others wanted to follow in my footsteps!!!  I still get the shivers whenever I think of how you fully illustrated the frustrations, fears and anxieties of what our African-Americans must have felt and gone through at that time. 

We truly enjoyed you… I have shared the aforementioned thoughts with my supervisor who is responsible for spear-heading our Black History Month Programs at Voorhees College as all of us who heard you believe that you would be the ideal individual to use. And we would very much like for you to come and share your knowledge with our student body.